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MIN2LEG – A Minecraft To LEGO Converter – Update 1

Update #1, 6th October 2013.

This video below shows our initial efforts based on a 24×24 (horizontal) section of a generic Minecraft world. A 24×24 section was chosen as a good test size as the resulting LEGO model would fit on a 48×48 LEGO base plate (the largest available) when using 2×2 bricks. ‘Non-solid blocks’ like grass, mushrooms etc. are excluded from the design.

A screenshot of the Minecraft map used in creating the video…

and here is the video…

Colours being used are Medium Stone Gray, Dark Stone Gray, Reddish Brown, Bright Blue, Brick Yellow, & Bright Green (LEGO colour names) – all colours available from the LEGO ‘Pick A Brick’ online store. Our initial aim is to create a viable LEGO model which could be built by purchasing bricks from the LEGO ‘Pick A Brick’ store.

Things which need improving:

  • Using a 2×2 LEGO brick means that the height of the map is ‘squashed’ compared to the Minecraft version – future updates will add a 2×2 tile or 2×2 plate as appropriate to the top of each 2×2 brick to get a more ‘correct’ height for each block.
  • Currently Reddish Brown is being used for grass blocks – this will need to be updated have a green tile brick on top.
    • The model as shown in the video consist of 2613 parts. At £0.13 per brick direct from LEGO (part no. 3003) this equals £339.69 – which is pretty expensive ! but we’ve a number of ideas part on how part count can be much reduced. Watch out for future updates.