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The Millenium Falcon – Ultimate Collectors Series – Set 10179

With over 5000 pieces this set, released in July 2007, is the 2nd ‘largest’ set ever released by the LEGO® company.
This our first animation we’ve published which uses LDView to created the necessary images for each frame as opposed to POVRay which is what all our previous videos have used – see the BLOG for more details on this.

From The Official Description

This is it – the biggest, most spectacular LEGO┬« model ever! Straight out of the classic Star Wars movies comes the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s famous smuggling starship. Every detail of the modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 freighter is here, all constructed to scale with LEGO minifigures. At almost 3 feet (90cm) long, it’s the ultimate centerpiece to any Lego collection!

Animated Build

Here is an animated build of this Lego┬« set, kindly hosted by The video is recorded in HD (720p) so for best results click the necessary buttons on the video toolbar to view it at that resolution (by default its only 360p) – also fullscreen would probably be best.