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Jessica Rabbit Lego Mosaic

This complex Lego mosaic is of the cartoon character ‘Jessica Rabbit’ who came to fame in the 1988 movie ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?’.

This Lego® mosaic can be built from standard Lego® plates currently available from the Lego® online shop. Prices are approximate and rounded up to the nearest £10.

Total parts required to build as shown
Colours used (official Lego® colour names)
Black,Earth Blue,Dark Stone Grey,Dark Red,Medium Stone Grey,Bright Orange,Bright Red,Reddish Brown,Brick Yellow,White,Bright Yellow
Base plates required (48×48)
Dimensions (in Lego® ‘studs’) (W X H)
48 x 48
Dimensions (in inches) (W X H)
Cost to build, including baseplates (Lego® prices)
£70 (to build with 1 x 1 plates £150 !)


Try moving back from your screen to get a ‘better’ view of the images below.

Animated Build

Here is an animated build of this lego mosaic, kindly hosted by The video is recorded in HD (720p) so for best results click the necessary buttons on the video toolbar to view it at that resolution (by default it’s only 360p) – also fullscreen would probably be best.